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Kipu Ranch Zipline: Outfitters Kauai

Posted by Garrett Ward - Activities Of Kauai on

Kipu Ranch Zipline - 1-888-508-9948

Outfitters Kauai has built an amazing zipline course in the jungles of Kipu Ranch. Most of the ziplines include two-lines so you and a family member, friend, or stranger can share in the experience. Having two people go at a time makes the line go faster too!

outfitters-kauai-double-zipline.jpgThe zipline course is located in 3 different sections of the ranch. The first section is within the jungle canopy near Kipu Falls. After finishing the first line, you'll repel down a cute waterfall, finishing in a tree house platform. A double line zooms you across a lovely stream and you'll use a walking platform to get back across.


The section section takes you to an open field that shows off Kipu Ranch. This is where Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones were filmed and you might recognize some of the mountain peaks. The 3 ziplines in this section all have two lines and are longer than the those jungle lines.

activities-of-kauai-zipline-outfitters-kauai.jpgThe 3rd and final zipline section is the longest and coolest. You'll zip across a big jungle ravine and return across it on a double line. On this last one you dismount in the middle of the line. This means you'll swing back and forth like a pendulum before coming to stop. Although the 1,600ft line isn't the longest in Kauai it's the longest lasting ride!


The last zipline is shortest but most unique! A zipline right into a freshwater swimming hole. The rider simply lets go and makes a splash landing in the refreshing pool. You'll have lunch at this spot in you signed up for this

Important Information

  • There are 3 different zipline options with this course. Activities Of Kauai sells them all.Please review these carefully before making your selection.Each option includes discounted pricing for kids 14 and under.

Zipline Options

  • Nui Nui Loa - This option include the ENTIRE 9 zipline course. Everything described plus lunch. 5-6 hour duration
  • Big Kahuna - Includes the 6 longest lines including the open field, ravine, and swimming hole zipline. It skips the the shorter jungle lines described first. Lunch is included. 4 hour duration.
  • Lele Eona - Includes the jungle ziplines and open field ziplines. No ravine lines or swimming. No lunch.
  • Restrictions: No children under 7. Weight limit is 275Ibs. No pregnancies, recent surgeries or medical issues.
  • What to Bring & Wear: Closed toed shoes are required. Bring bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and camera. Wear comfortable clothing that isn't form fitting or you'll be in for a big surprise. Bring or wear a bathing suit for Nui Nui or Big Kahuna options. They include the waterfall zipline.