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Smiths Luau - Our Experience

Posted by Garrett Ward - Activities Of Kauai on

Smith’s Tropical Paradise

Smiths Family Garden Luau

The Smith family own a beautiful 40 acre botanical garden off the Wailua River. Smiths’s Luau is held here on most weekdays and run from 5:00pm – 9:00pm. After checking in you’ll receive a complimentery neckless and have a professional photo taken of your group. From here you have the option of boarding a motorized tram that takes you on a guided ride through the garden. You can stroll the lush gardens on your own too. The Imu ceremony is held at 6pm, after which the bar and buffet dinner become available. It’s all you can eat and drink.up

Our Experience:

Our personal guests love Smith’s so we have gotten to know this place quiet well. Smith’s garden is certainly the nicest location for a luau. Plants from all over Polynesia dot the landscape and are labeled neatly. The tram ride is interesting and you’ll still have time to walk around if you check in at 5pm. Be on the lookout for peacocks, swans & some goats that make garden. The healthiest, most well fed chickens in the world live here. Replicas of Polynesian housing are spread throughout and it’s interesting to see how people lived so very long ago.

The imu Ceromony, which showcases the cooking method call Kalua is when they cook the pig underground. Smiths family explains it nicely and makes you hungry, especially if you’re downwind from the pig.. Get there a few minutes early so you can see it. Guests will encircle the oven andstanding room by the water is the last to fill up but gets you closest to the oven.

Smiths Bar opens at the conclusion of the Imu ceremony. The buffet opens a few minutes later and you’ll need to instruction here. The food is excellent. Make sure you try everything and leave room for the dessert.

Safety Warning

The bar is only open for 90 minutes but this is more than enough time to get a healthy aloha buzz. If you drove here please have one designated driver. Taxi’s are available and if you’re staying on the eastside Smith’s provides a free pick up and return from your resort.