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The Forbidden Island - Garrett Ward

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The Forbidden Island Snorkel & Na Pali - 1-888-508-9948


The Forbidden Island of Niihau is native Hawaiian sanctuary. It's completely closed to the public. The only way to get close is by taking this 7.5 hour boat tour. You won't set foot on Niihau, but you'll get a great look at it.


The island of Niihau offers some of the best snorkeling in the Hawaiian Islands. Holoholo's flagship yacht is the fastest ship in the Na Pali fleet and will go to Niihau weather permitting.


The 7.5 hour tour trip includes views of the Na Pali coast and a likely dolphin encounter. The snorkeling is the difference maker and is held just off of Niihau, next to a tiny island known as Lehua Rock.

lehua-rock.jpgThe snorkeling is incredible. You can expect crystal clear waters with several hundred feet of visibility. There is plenty of coral and fish to look at. This is a great location to see bigger marine life. Sea Turtles, Monk Seals, Manta Rays, Dolphins and even whales during season can be seen from this spot.

the-forbidden-island-snorkel-clear-waters.jpgAfter snorkel, lunch and cocktails are served on the return trip. You should be back in Port Allen by 2pm

Important Information

  • Availability: Daily. 6:00am - 6:30am check in.
  • Duration: 7.5 hours, Tour finishes between 1:30pm - 2:00pm
  • Restrictions: No children under 6. No pregnancies. No bad backs, recent surgeries or serious medical conditions
  • What To Bring: Bathing Suit - Sunscreen, Towel, Sunglasses, light jacket.
  • Tour Includes: Snorkel gear, light breakfast, full lunch, cocktails on the return trip.
  • Advisories - Only do this tour if you want the best snorkeling. If you don't snorkel it's just not worth it. Holoholo Charters will advise you prior to boarding if they can make the trip to Niihau. They try to go everyday but ocean conditions don't always permit it. You will be advised on alternate plans prior to boarding. We recommend that you have some ocean boating experience for this tour. 7.5 hours is a long time on the water and this is not the tour to learn you are seasick.